Our professional Residential Plumbing Geelong team will diagnose your problems quickly, and repair/replace what is required promptly. 

The skills we’ve acquired in larger scale plumbing work are transferred back to our Residential Plumbing Geelong work allowing us to be faster and more efficient than other Residential Plumbing Geelong contractors


We have the capabilities for your Commercial Plumbing Geelong and industrial work. Our Commercial Plumbing Geelong team has the skills and certifications to get your work done quickly, with minimum fuss, on budget and most importantly we have hands on experience in Industrial and Commercial Plumbing Geelong.


The Rae Barry team have the machines and capabilities to make your 

subdivision easy. From subdividing your block, to full residential commercial 

subdivisions we have the machines and manpower to get your job completed. 

We’re happy to come in at any stage of your development.